After 2017 FabSpace 2.0 was again heavily involved during the recent edition of Global Navigation Meets Geoinformation. This time FabSpace Project Leader from cesah Sascha Heising was in charge of moderation of the whole event. With more than 200 visitors on site the team of cesah was satisfied. You can read the official press release (GERMAN, only) here.

GNMG 2018

photo: Group pictures of representatives and organizers of this year’s Global Navigation Meets Geoinformation. (image: Uwe Wasserthal).

Again the event attracted high level representatives from local authorities as well as industry experts together with a lot of students. This time there where two panel discussions about Big (Geodata).

GNMG 2018

photo: Moderation of first panel by Sascha Heising about Big(Geo)Data (image: Uwe Wasserthal).

In parallel, Bayzidul Islam promoted FabSpace at the corresponding exhibition booth in the main hall at ESOC. He also promoted the upcoming ActInSpace Hackathon (25./26.5.2018) hosted at HUB31 in Darmstadt together with various partners.


1st Session of joint venture Hackathon between FabSpace 2.0 and Spacenus GmbH

On Friday, 13th April, FabSpace 2.0 and Spacenus GmbH jointly started their recent Hackathon at the facilities of Spacenus in Darmstadt. The Hackathon was designed as two separate 10 hours half hackathon program. This new concept has been chosen to allow participants to work between both events to achieve better results in sense of technical solutions.