The FabSpace Darmstadt team exhibited at the 2nd Start-up and Innovation Day at TU Darmstadt with a small booth. Bayzidul Islam (TU Darmstadt) and Sascha Heising (cesah GmbH) had numerous discussions with enthusiastic students about the potential of earth observation. One of the evenings main questions – answered by the team – was “What is FabSpace and what can I do there?”.

Bayzidul Islam explains the benefits for users of FabSpace 2.0

Therefore, the Start-up & Innovation Day was a great chance to inform the visitors about FabSpace and its goals. In addition to that interested visitors were asked to sign up directly on the platform to participate in the FabSpace network, which was also a success. The audience had the opportunity to get a brief look of the two active platforms at FabSpace Darmstadt. The team was very excited to announce the new complementary communication platform “ComBase” and it was wonderful to see such a great first resonance with it. The team will sum up the frequently asked questions of the event and publish them on under the F.A.Q. section.

Sascha Heising explains the FabSpace Darmstadt ecosystem with the two platforms as its backbone

While most of the visitors were students from TU Darmstadt, FabSpace was also proud to welcome some stakeholders from external institutions like IHK Darmstadt, HIGHEST (Incubator program of TU Darmstadt) and Telespazio Vega. During these discussions future, potential cooperation was discussed and some follow up meetings will be made soon. For FabSpace Darmstadt the Startup & Innovation Day was a fantastic opportunity for networking.

Warmly welcomed on the booth, Dr. Frank Zimmermann jury member of 2nd Startup & Innovation day and managing director of cesah.

Now the team is looking forward to the next start-up and founder event in just a couple of days. The Aufschwung Messe (8.2.2017) in Frankfurt/Main is one of the biggest fairs of its kind in Germany. The team will also be there with a booth. Finally, interested students looking for start-ups and founding opportunities had the chance to get some free tickets for Aufschwung Messe.