Users are exploring Geo platform in the FabSpace Lab at TU Darmstadt (Photo: Sandra Junker)

FabSpace 2.0 Darmstadt is proud to welcome the first set of users of FabSpace in late 2016, just before Christmas. Most of the user were attracted by the successful opening event. Sascha Heising and Bayzidul Islam hope they will help to spread the word about FabSpace 2.0. On top of that, the two Country Leaders of FabSpace Germany identified a lot of questions, that will help to improve the communication and support strategy of FabSpace Darmstadt and all other European FabSpace. In the beginning of FabSpace daily animation and other support, FabSpace Darmstadt will work on F.A.Q., the section which will be available in the so-called Communication Base (ComBase) in the first quarter of 2017. ComBase will be an exclusive service for German FabSpace users and a recommended but not mandatory part of the local ecosystem. FabSpace Darmstadt team in collaboration with other European partners are looking forward to building up the FabSpace Community.

Early user experiences

As the first FabSpace in operation, Darmstadt listens to their early users carefully. While having more than five active users one month after opening FabSpace Darmstadt keeps on a good pace before Christmas break. After the first round of interviews, it shows a very heterogeneous user group, which is actually great. Students, graduates, Start-uppers and also one senior director want to make use out of FabSpace in Germany. Most others are willing to learn and co-create in the field of geo-data driven open innovation.

First problems identified

FabSpace Darmstadt Country leaders also identified first set of problems at very early stage. Most of the problems were a result of insufficient communication but these first interviews helped a lot to improve the communication strategy. “The actual needs that users expecting are not so far from our offers, but we have to precise the extent of support we can offer”, explains Bayzidul Islam from TU Darmstadt. His colleague from cesah GmbH adds “it has to be clear that FabSpace is not a free consulting agency, rather its aim is to enable a free space for open innovation and co-creation”.

Improvement will continue in 2017

While being very close to the users, FabSpace Darmstadt finalizes the agenda for the first quarter of 2017. You will have the opportunity to meet the team at “Aufschwung 2017” in Frankfurt and of course during daily animation in FabSpace Lab at TU Darmstadt. Feel free to contact with the team.

Demo Communication Base (ComBase)


Finally, FabSpace Darmstadt announces its first two landing pages which are a major part of the local FabSpace ecosystem strategy. They were published just a few days after the great opening on Monday 7th of November 2016. The landing pages aim at two specific target groups looking either for free space data and tools or challenging problems in the field of earth science. FabSpace Country leader Sascha Heising is very happy to unleash the first level of the local strategy. “We’re looking forward to see the feedback of the early users and how the pages perform in terms of SEO.” His colleague from TU Darmstadt Bayzidul Islam adds that “we have to take into account a few arrangements and optimization, but for now it’s wonderful to see one piece of our local strategy alive”. Of course the pages are embedded to the communication strategy concept and nicely mobile ready.

You can reach the landing pages at and


On Monday 7th of November FabSpace 2.0 Darmstadt was presented to more than 80 attendees with numerous backgrounds eg. industry, science, politics and society. To read the official local press release, please click here (German only). The event was hosted at TU Darmstadt in cooperation with cesah GmbH /ESA Business Incubation Centre.

The moderator Sascha Heising welcomed several special guests for their speeches. Welcome speeches were given by the Vice-President of TU Darmstadt Prof. Dr.-Ing. Mira Mezini, Hans Weigandt (Ministry of Economics in Hesse), Michael Kolmer (City of Darmstadt), Prof. Dr.-ing. Kutterer (President of the federal ministry of cartography and geodesy) and Juan Miró (European Space Agency – ESA). The event became more delighted because of the presence of Dr. Hansgerd Terlinden (President, Hessischen Landesamtes für Bodenmanagement und Geoinformation), John Lewis (former CEO of Telespazio VEGA), Dr.-Ing. Ralf-H. Borchert (Managing director, InGeoForum), Dr.rer.pol. Jürgen Born (Managing director, SBI GmbH) and Prof. Dr. Peter Buxmann (HIGHEST, TU Darmstadt). FabSpace Darmstadt has been successfully launched with a great acceptance in the grand Opening ceremony.


Sascha Hising explains about the strategic overview of FabSpace Darmstadt (photo: cesah)

Bayzidul Islam Opening Presentation









Bayzidul Islam explaining technical overview of FabSpace Darmstadt (photo: cesah)

Prof. Dr.-ing. Matthias Becker (Institute of Geodesy, TU Darmstadt) and Dr.-ing. Frank Zimmermann (cesah GmbH/ESA BIC) welcomed everyone in the name of the two responsible partner institutions of FabSpace. They also highlighted the importance of the project and their involvement, while Bayzidul Islam and Sascha Heising revealed more about the project details and its local strategic and technical aspects.

FabSpace Darmstadt Panel discussion during opening

Panel discussion on the topic “Darmstadt is the right place for Earth Observation EO Start-ups” (photo: cesah)

In addition to that, FabSpace Darmstadt also had the participation of Daniel Mesples from ESOC for the Keynote of the evening about “The Highlights of ESA Earth Observation”. There was an outstanding demo presentation from invited earth observation start-up “spacenus” in the field of Machine Learning & Agriculture. The official part was over after the panel discussion about “Darmstadt is the right place for earth observation start-ups”. In conclusion everyone was invited to stay for the get together on the occasion of 10 years of cesah GmbH.

FabSpace is a multidisciplinary team work and the door is just opened for potential users. FabSpace Darmstadt believes “Together we can make changes, together we can create breakthroughs”. To stay connected please join the online Geo-platform here “” and also visit our websites.


image: From the left Md Bayzidul Islam (FabSpace, TU Darmstadt), Riazuddin Kawsar (CEO, Spacenus GmbH), Lionel Born (CSO, Spacenus GmbH), Sascha Heising (FabSpace, cesah GmbH) (© SAP Digital Leaders‘ Summit 2016).

FabSpace 2.0 is an EU funded activity in the field of space data driven open-innovation and networking. Recently, FabSpace Darmstadt had the opportunity to join the SAP Digital Leaders‘ Summit 2016 held in European Space Operations Centre ESOC/ESA Darmstadt, on 6. October 2016. The theme of the summit was “Gain the competitive edge in a disruptive world”. The summit was an interactive session in the field of digital-transformation research and space-related applications.

FabSpace Darmstadt has the opportunity to meet hot startups incubated by ESA Business Incubation Center and SAP startups. Spacenus GmbH is one of them incubated by ESA Business Incubation Center Darmstadt whom we are cordially inviting in our Fabspace Opening Event to listen  to their success story and their experiences in the journey of Start-up creation.

On 7th of November from 16:00 – 19:00 FabSpace Darmstadt will organize their Opening Event in TU Darmstadt, S3/20, EG, Rundeturmstraße 10, 64283 Darmstadt. At the Opening Event, Fabspace Darmstadt will elaborate their services in the field of Earth Observation as well as Geo-data driven innovation in Darmstadt, Germany as well as in Europe. Darmstadt as the European gateway to space science and the ideal location for the German FabSpace where University and Business Incubation Center of ESA will concentrate on innovative Earth Observation Sciences and Geospatial Technologies to develop an ecosystem for Start-up creation.

Do not miss the opportunity to join us on 7th of November in the vibrant event where you will find interesting Keynote on the topic of Earth Observation, Presentations and a Discussion Round on “Entrepreneurial Innovation: Darmstadt – the right place for Earth Observation Start-ups”.

Please do confirm your participation by sending us an e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. by 4th of November.





FabSpace Darmstadt was present at the INTERGEO 2016 in Hamburg from 11.-13.10. promoting the first Geomatic Days of FabSpace Germany. The INTERGEO is now the world’s largest platform for the Geospatial community with more than 17.000 visitors from over 100 countries. “INTERGEO is cross industry dialog at its best”, as HINTE Messe says.

If you want to find out more about FabSpace 2.0 and FabSpace 2.0 Darmstadt/Germany in particular, please visit our websites (down below) or just drop a mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Copyright: H. Störkel. “Sascha Heising explains the concept of the FabSpace ecosystem in Darmstadt and highlights the opportunities for students”

FabSpace Darmstadt was hosted at the booth of ESA, SAT Nav-Forum, GSA and the Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure of Germany. Besides talking to visitors and representing FabSpace at the booth the international trade show was a great opportunity to get into contact with several corporates and potential partners. There was so many to announce reaching from the FabSpace Opening on 7th of November at TU Darmstadt and the promotion of the Space Science Shops for corporates. In addition, a lot of students which were present at the fair talked about their expectations and needs. Now the team works on a couple of follow-up meetings to tailor the new impressions to the local strategy for the FabSpace ecosystem.

Last but not least Sascha Heising (Project leader, FabSpace Cesah – ESA BIC) sums it up: “We had the great chance to talk to over 20 high-level representatives of corporates and industry-leading businesses and also a lot of students who are highly interested in the opportunity to make use out of FabSpace during their university career and especially during their Bachelor or Master thesis. The knowledge and experience we have gathered from discussions were essential for our work for next months.”.

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