The FabSpace 2.0 Lab - FabLab (Space Fabrication Lab) providing a free-access service, infrastructure, academic materials, software, tools and hands-on support among students, researchers and entrepreneurs. The FabSpace Earth Observation Laboratory supports users to use the available hardware and software and helps them to understand how earth observation data and Geo-data can be applied to solve everyday challenges. All the ready-to-use infrastructure and web-platform is free to use for prototype application development and testing of it.

The physical infrastructure in the FabLab is also providing ready-to-use software and tools as SNAP and SNAP Engine, NEST, StaMPS, ENVI, SARscape, QGIS, Python module for SNAP etc.

The physical infrastructure is a Linux based DEBIAN Application Server to give access multiple users at the same time. The server has a strong BACKUP system as RAID-MIRROR or CLONE system. The Unix-based system has a Secure Shell (SSH) remote connection.

The Geo-portal is hosted at the server with single-sign-IN Authentication. The important features of the Software module are: 

  • GEORCHESTRA (Spatial Data Infrastructure)
  • INSPIRE Directive of Europe (Spatial data themes)
  • GEO_NETWORK (Metadata Catalog)
  • GEOSERVER (Map and feature server, i.e. WMS/WFS/WCS)
  • GeoWebCache (Map Tile Server)

The advanced WebMap Viewer including basemap as OpenStreetMap (OSM) / Extractor according to bounding box and other LdapAdmin tools. Also, all other OGC standard Server for Web Map Services WMSs or WFSs can be added in the GeoServer. For example, we have the collaboration with Sentinel Hub and we have added the OGS server to access and store Sentinel data. The other prototype testing opportunity is to create Open-layer based Dynamic maps and visualizing them as Web Page. All the associated vector and raster data are hosted on the physical server.

The spatial data infrastructure is a modular software based on open-source modules (geOrchestra). The platform is used to:

  • Access to data coming from different sources and with different formats;
  • Store, edit, process and share data using standards web services;
  • Manage data access rights and users.

A web map viewer (Mapfishapp)

The map viewer is used to:

  • Display geoinformation data;
  • Edit geo-information data (geometry and attributes);
  • Build queries, edit maps and display several layers.

A geo-information catalogue (GeoNetwork)

The GeoNetwork module is used to:

  • Create, import, store and share metadata files using standards (ISO19139, Inspire);
  • Harvest other data catalogues;
  • Find data using keywords / spatial extent.

A downloading application (ExtractorApp)

A downloading module is installed to extract data from the server to a specific device.

A mapping server (GeoServer)

The mapping server is based on GeoServer module; it is used to Share vector and raster data using standardized Web Services (OGC) and to process data thanks to Web Processing Services.

An administration console to manage users (Ldapadmin)

This module provides FabSpace manager with an interface to manage users and groups and to administrate the platform:

  • Create new users;
  • Manage ID / passwords;
  • Manage groups and users’ rights.

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